Isolate gameplay performance

Mark specific sections in the game

To isolate specific areas of gameplay such as levels or battles, GameBench provides markers functionality. For example, if you want to isolate performance data during a particular game level, you can set “in” marker when the level begins and “out” marker when the level is completed. These markers calls should be invoked from the game source code.

Method Notes
Gamebench.MarkStart(string markerLabel) Record a ‘start’ marker with the given name.
Gamebench.MarkStop(string markerLabel) Record a ‘stop’ marker with the given name.


using GamebenchLib.Runtime;

public class ClassName : MonoBehaviour

    private void StartEventX()
        Gamebench.MarkStart("Event X");
        // Game logic
    private void StopEventX()
        Gamebench.MarkStop("Event X");
        // Game logic

Create performance alerting for marked ares

  1. Record and upload a test session with the game section marked.
  2. Go to your project on the GameBench Web Dashboard
  3. Create new or edit existing alert (if you haven’t used alerts yet, please find more information here)
  4. Select Marker
  5. Save the alert. Done!

If the game doesn’t meet performance criteria in the marked section, you will be alerted.