Single Server v1.x to v2.x Upgrade

Single Server v1.x to v2.x Upgrade

1. Run Postgres data migration

Version 2.x of GameBench Enterprise uses Postgres instead of Elasticsearch to store data. Please migrate first before upgrading.

Postgres Data Migration

2. Download gbctlv2

curl -L -s --output gbctlv2 https://downloads.gamebench.net/gbctlv2/latest
chmod +x gbctlv2

3. Generate config

Ensure you are in the same directory used during installation.

./gbctlv2 generate-config

4. Start containers

docker-compose up -d

5. Tidy up

You can remove the following files:

  • ~/.gbserver
  • ~/.gbserver.json
  • gbctl
  • gbserver.sh

You may also run the following to remove the now orphaned elasticsearch and mail containers.

docker-compose up -d --remove-orphans

Finally the esdata volume can be removed. However, only do so if all the data has been migrated to Postgres. Identify the volume by running:

docker volume ls | grep esdata

Remove the volume:

docker volume rm <name of volume>
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