Add game-related information for data aggregation

Add game-related information for data aggregation

Add runtime tags injection

You can aggregate session by game-related information or, for example, set specific performance targets and alerts for different graphics settings. To add this information into performance data, you can use Tags API in the Unity SDK.

Method Notes
Gamebench.SetTag(string tagKey, string tagValue) Set a tag in the tags collection with a key and it’s value
Gamebench.RemoveTag(string tagKey) Remove a tag from the tags collection


using GamebenchLib.Runtime;

public class ClassName : MonoBehaviour

    private void ChangeQualitySettings(a) // First interactive screen in the game
        Gamebench.SetTag("QualitySettings", a.ToString());
        // Game logic

Filter alerts by tags

  1. Record and upload a test session with the tag injected.
  2. Go to your project on the GameBench Web Dashboard
  3. Create new or edit existing alert (if you haven’t used alerts yet, please find more information here)
  4. Add a tag in the Filter section.
  5. Save the alert. Done!
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