10 May 2023
  • Explore - Add marker filter
  • Advanced search - Add tags filter
  • Handle websocket disconnection and subsequent reconnection
Bug fixes
  • Explore - Pass through days threshold to device model and users endpoints
  • Analysis - Session count does not appear correctly on session breakdown when using criteria
  • Explore - Fix card creation for apps that haven’t had sessions in the last 90 days
  • Hide API tokens link when editing other users
  • Advanced search - Fix all sessions being shown when user is not found or email doesn’t exist
  • Fix alert fired page being inaccessible when alerts have been fired for sessions without a matching dedupe tag
  • Fix display of user uploads in dark mode
  • Fix project typeahead on sessions page for users only associated to project via group
  • Fix /v1/users/me endpoint for SDK token authenticated users
  • Fix 0 byte log file upload
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