Launch time measuring

Add launch time measurement in the game

GameBench SDK provides the ability to measure custom launch time duration. The SDK automatically starts counting the launch time when the game initialises and then you need to flag the first interactive screen in your game to stop the counting with the following API call.

Method Notes
Gamebench.MarkLaunchComplete() Use to mark the Launch Time complete event


using GamebenchLib.Runtime;

public class ClassName : MonoBehaviour

    private void WelcomeUser() // First interactive screen in the game
        // Game logic

Once the session is uploaded to the GameBench Web Dashboard, you can create alerts and performance criteria threshold for the launch time duration.

Create alerts for long launch time

  1. Go to your project on the GameBench Web Dashboard
  2. Create new or edit existing alert (if you haven’t used alerts yet, please find more information here)
  3. Add “App launch time” criteria and set your target.
  4. Save the alerts. Done!
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