Inside the “Settings” panel, you have access to the following settings:


  • User Dir – Select the location to store session and user data.

  • Dev Img – Select the location for your Apple Developer Disk Images.

  • Enable Screenshots - Enable or disable screenshots.

  • Auto-Sync Data - Enable or disable auto-syncing of sessions after recording.

  • Profile low memory devices - Enable or disable low spec mode for low end devices.

  • Include Webkit Memory - Enable or disable including webkit memory in the session, useful for Javascript games.


  • Logout – Log out of your current account.


  • Automatically update – The desktop app will keep the Android pro app up to date when the device is connected

  • Prompt me to install – The desktop app will prompt you to install the Android pro app.


  • Check for updates – Click to check for updates to your GameBench desktop app.
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