The GameBench SDK collects and uploads the data detailed below. We do not collect user or personal data at all.

1. Static data

Hardware properties:

  • Manufacturer name
  • Board name
  • Device name
  • GPU name
  • Network operator (if SIM present)

OS properties:

  • OS name
  • OS version
  • GPU driver version(s)

Application properties:

  • App title
  • App package ID
  • App version
  • GameBench SDK version

2. Metric data (Non-production mode only)

These are collected at configurable intervals, typically every second or every few seconds:

  • Frames per second
  • CPU usage
  • GPU usage
  • RAM usage
  • Power usage
  • Battery status
  • Network usage (total bytes sent & recvd)

3. Metric data summaries (Production mode only)

Metric summaries are a histogram of the sampled metric data, not the sampled data itself. This means it takes up far less space and does not grow with session length.

  • Frames per second summaries
  • CPU usage summaries
  • GPU usage summaries
  • RAM usage summaries

4. Screenshots (Non-production mode only)

These are better thought of as “window shots”, since the SDK cannot read the entire screen any more than the app can. The system status bar, notifications, and the soft keyboard are not captured since they belong to system windows, not the application window.

5. Thermal throttling status

If a device overheats, or risks overheating, the OS will limit the speed that the CPU & GPU can run at. This is called “thermal throttling”. We detect and record when this happens, as it can obviously have a significant effect on app performance.

6. Network connection summaries

This is a socket-level view of network activity. For each connection opened the SDK will record the remote IP address, the number of bytes sent and received, and the time to the first byte received. It does not record any of the traffic.

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