Getting Started

Generating your first session

  1. Select which device you want to test.

  2. Select which app you want to test.

  3. Click "Record" to start profiling. (Clicking a second time will stop profiling.)

Viewing different metrics

  1. The central charts pane shows you frame rate, CPU Load and Memory usage in real-time.

  2. You can add further charts for more metrics using the "Add" button.

  3. The Message log at the bottom can be expanded to show what the device is working on right now.

  4. App and device information is shown on the bottom right.

After recording

  1. Use the **"Cloud"** button to upload your recorded session data to your GameBench web dashboard.

  2. The Summary panel on the right hand side shows average performance metrics and maximum memory information for your session.

How to do a wireless session (in 5 simple steps)

A wireless session will let you capture power consumption data for iOS and Android devices.
Note: In order to perform a wireless session, the GameBench desktop app and the mobile device you want to test must be connected to the same WiFi network.

  1. Connect in the device you want to test to your PC.

  2. If you have multiple devices connected, select the one you want to test.

  3. Press the “WiFi” button, which will initiate a wireless connection between the device and the GameBench desktop app.

  4. You’ll get a pop-up message and the WiFi button will turn red, indicating that the desktop app is ready for wireless testing.

  5. Disconnect the mobile device, hit the ‘Record’ button and start testing!

How to disable wireless mode

If you have connected a device wirelessly and you now want to perform a wired test:

  1. Reconnect the device to your testing machine through using your USB cable.

  2. Select the device on the devices list.

  3. Press the “WiFi” button.

  4. If wireless mode is disabled successfully the “WiFi” button should turn grey for this device.
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