Postgres Data Migration

Postgres Data Migration

Please ensure you have available disk space before proceeding. For private server customers, we suggest increasing your available disk space to at least half of the current usage. If you have a separate disk for Postgres, increase this to half of the current Elasticsearch usage.

To view the current status of the migration from Elasticsearch to Postgres, run:

docker exec -ti backend bin/cli data-migration:status

To migrate users, run:

docker exec -ti backend bin/cli data-migration:migrate-users

To migrate sessions, run:

docker exec -ti backend bin/cli data-migration:migrate-sessions

Once complete, you can switch to using Postgres as the primary data store by creating or updating a docker-compose.override.yml file in the same directory as the docker-compose.yml file.

For example:

# docker-compose.override.yml
version: '3'
    - PRIMARY_DATA_STORE=postgres
    - PRIMARY_DATA_STORE=postgres
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