Automation Interface Release Notes

v1.10.0 (build 9118) - 01/10/2020

  • Android 11 Support
  • iOS 14 support

v1.9.0 (build 9117) - 03/09/2020

  • Session tags can now be specified when a session is started
  • Fix capture of memory metrics on Android 5 devices

v1.8.0 (build 9115) - 28/07/2020

  • HTTP server host and port can be set via command-line options. For example: java -jar gba.jar --start-server --http-host= --http-port=8000

v1.7.7 (build 9113) - 23/06/2020

  • Reduce memory usage when recording long sessions

v1.7.5 (build 9111) - 08/06/2020

  • Further improve handling of app restarts during session recording
  • Fix screenshot crash when recording is stopped for iOS

v1.7.4 (build 9107) - 29/04/2020

  • Fixed recording multiple simultaneous sessions on iOS devices

v1.7.3 (build 9106) - 14/04/2020

  • Fixed recording iOS sessions with Appium

v1.7.2 (build 9105) - 02/04/2020

  • Fixed recording multiple sessions with iOS devices
  • Fixed HTTP API routes for device IDs containing a hyphen

Build 6399 - 26/03/2018

  • Fixed timeout bug for uploading long sessions

Build 6246 - 13/03/2018

  • iOS only option so that the server won’t need ADB
  • Added session timeout property which can be set to stop sessions after a predefined time period.
  • Providing data output path in command line and json file
  • Optimized desktop app’s memory usage
  • Stability for iOS profiling
  • Network stats for FireTV
  • FPS not being reported on Hotstar app
  • Sony Experia C3 reading CPU freq crash
  • Getting CPU for apps spawning multiple processes
  • Shipping with daemon for Android 8.1

Build 5389 - 17/01/2018

  • Removed packaged ADB. Users will now have to always run their own ADB instance
  • Improved wireless iOS sessions stability
  • Bug that caused the target option of the generate-json command to not work
  • Job id option is now enabled again

Build 4963 - 11/12/2017

  • Automatic download of files required to profile iOS devices
  • Support for iPad Pro 2nd Gen
  • Updated packaged adb version to 39
  • Launching packaged ADB when system adb is killed
  • Adding devices again when adb is restarted
  • Issue on json export where max memory held the value of average memory
  • Issue on json export with some sessions not showing battery usage summary
  • Issue with connection to wireless devices

Build 4248 - 31/10/2017

  • Added –outputDir option on stop command to specify folder for json files to be written.
  • Session json files are always produced at the end of each sessions.
  • Removed –fileformat option used with stop command.
  • Removed ‘overwrite’ option when generating json files. If specified file name exists a (#number) is appended to it.
  • Getting CPU, Memory and Power metrics for a number of devices.
  • Power for Android 8 devices

Build 2348 - 22/05/2017

  • Ability to capture memory and cpu usage for a background process (wireless only)
  • Option to set sampling rate for cpu and memory (wireless only)
  • Generating json doesn’t overwrite files
  • Renamed “robust-mode” option for gba server to “wireless”
  • “gb –sync” command will generate missing files for sessions that stopped unexpectedly
Known issues
  • Not capturing GPU usage
  • Unable to start gbaserver as service in wireless mode
  • Missing ability to set output folder for secondary processes jsons

Build 2005 - 16/05/2017

  • “silent” command line option when starting server to disable server logging

Build 1999 - 15/05/2017

  • Ability to perform long wireless robust sessions with screenshots

Build 1939 - 24/04/2017

  • Decreased logging output of server
  • Robust module now uses a tcp connection for wireless testing
  • Users are now able to start recording again after a session stopped unexpectedly without having to run “gb stop” command first

Build 1844 - 22/03/2017

  • Writing power consumption stats on json export file
  • Starting gamebench service instantly on Android devices

Build 1974 - 05/03/2017

  • Bug created on 1939 that caused preferences to not get loaded on server start up.
  • Ability to run “setprops” command to modify existing numeric preferences